Doodled Flowers with stamped circles for Imagine Design Create

Hi there, I’m back today with a quickie video using my own Nesting Circles & Rectangle stamp set, to create doodled flowers with stamped circles. This stamp set is part of a collection of designs under the Imagine Design Create brand name

Nesting Circles & Rectangles A5 stamps Nesting Ovals & Squares A5 stamp set Solid Circles A6 stamps Solid Square A6 stamps Solid Rectangle A6 stampsSolid Ovals A6 stamps

The Nesting Stamps work in the same way as nesting dies (without cutting of course!) and each shape has its own dedicated ‘solid’ stamp set to fill in the shapes, as you can see in the photos here.

Stamped Doodled Flower Project

I’ve used a subtle colour palette as they are my favourite and go to colours, but now I have mastered the ‘look’ I think I will go ahead and practice with some bolder colours too

Doodled Flowers with stamped circles

Thank you for stopping by, see you again next time

3 Replies to “Doodled Flowers with stamped circles for Imagine Design Create”

  1. Love this Claire, this is really thinking outside of the box (or should I say circle) I would never have thought of using your stamps to make a flower. Easy if you know how I guess, maybe I can have a one to one lesson when we come to stay at Christmas. I need to train my brain I think.

    Mum xx

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